Saturday, February 16, 2008

I hate this winter

Can we be done now?

Because, yeah, kinda tired of hearing bad news...totally tired of winter. Between the two, and the whole "itchy, red eyes" thing, I'm toast.

The latest:
  • Dean, back in the hospital, hasn't had surgery yet. Not sure what's going on there. I'm hearing everything third-hand, underwater, in Esperanto, from someone who only speaks Basque.

  • Maniac found out this week that her dad has metastatic bladder cancer. Two days later she fell on her porch and whacked her head (as mentioned earlier this week).

  • James, in a completely retarded relationship. He's pushing toward romance, but she couldn't be sending any louder "not interested" signals in response.

  • One of the victims from Thursday went to high school 40 minutes from us.

  • The father of my longest-term best friend died this morning after a week-long heart surgery. That's the short version of what started out as pretty basic bypass and turned into something else.
Really. Can't we just...I dunno, have a do-over starting about last November 15?

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