Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Mood: Tired, but generally good
Hair: I have no idea what it looks like, but it's loose
Eyes: Are sore: dry and itchy; I'll do a compress while I'm in the tub...soon
Listening to: The furnace...blessed silence!

I got nothin' to say, really, except it's snowing again...yet. It's been at it since last night, a nice fairly gentle snow that looks like styrofoam beads. But it's accumulating on the roads, so we're back to snowblowing and the plows were out again tonight. The driveway will need attention again tomorrow morning.

I got a fair amount of cataloging done today at work, and had a nice chat again via Meebo with Alena. I love the internet!

Over the weekend, someone came into our staff room and rooted through the lockers. Most of us keep nothing valuable up there, but there's no way to lock the door because it's an emergency exit. This is why I keep nothing but extra Diet DP and snacks in my locker...everything else (including my coat) is in the workroom or in my desk. Apparently, I'm just too suspicious for words! I learned my lesson on staff room security the hard way about 16 years ago, and I still have a copy of the police report to prove it.

The somewhat-comic relief is that the other cataloger on staff appeared at work today with a beauteous black eye. She slipped on her porch and whacked her head on the step over the weekend. No concussion, no real serious damage, but some of the blood from the internal bleeding 'leaked' down by her eye. She seriously looks like someone clocked her, but (as usual) she's made it into a joke. There are some things going on in her extended family that make this seem like a piece of cake, so she really hasn't had time to focus on herself.

I'm going to go collect my sweater and two undershirts (a.k.a. tank tops) from the dryer, and then run a bath.

Hug your loved ones the next time you see 'em. Life can change in a the blink of a dry, bleary eye.

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