Sunday, August 19, 2007


  • More bad news about our neighborhood: our rather questionable neighbors--diagonially across the street from us--had both their cars towed Thursday afternoon. We haven't seen much of them this weekend, so we're not sure what that's all about.

  • My allergies...suck. The semi-amusing part is that I look high (as in pothead-high) almost all the time now. Yay. (or not)

  • Just received some not-that-great news from a friend that means I'll be picking up some bloggy slack. It shouldn't affect this site at all, but the news is disturbing.

  • It was a depressing, wintry-looking day outside today. Yuck. Good thing the people we saw were worth the trip! I don't even think we hit 70 degrees outside.

  • Beast is going out of town this week. Again. But only for a couple of days.

  • Speaking of Beast, there's a funny post about The Beast (not mine, the Big One) here. It was funny enough to get my Beast to write a comment--for like the third time ever!

  • The run up to the school year commences for Sparky this week: Thursday physical, Friday pep-band rehearsal (also the following Monday and Tuesday), orientation...uh, sometime (too lazy to go look at the calendar). Where did the summer go? Into assorted video screens, that's where.

  • What do YOU call those dots at the front of each of these points??

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