Friday, January 09, 2009

It's official

As of last night, I can post this:

Two full-time librarians are leaving MPOW this year. They are both retiring. One can't get out the door soon enough to suit me, but the other one I'm a bit sad to see go. Fortunately, the latter individual will be here further into the year than the former.

In any case, change is a-coming in 2009. There is angst within our staff. I'm sure there will be drama--there always is. But change can be fun too. I'm pretty excited about this, and relieved that I can finally 'go public' since I've been sitting on The Big Secret for a couple of weeks now. [to be clear, they are not retiring as a package--one announced awhile ago, but I haven't wanted to say anything]

And no, I'm not saying who is who on staff...not yet. ;-)

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