Sunday, January 11, 2009

From Thursday a.m.

Beast and I had a lovely chat Thursday morning. He was at work, I was "getting ready to leave for work" (i.e., eating breakfast [i.e. goofing around on the computer before RACING through the rest of the preparations])
[07:20] Psalm23: I just discovered that they now make pancakes in a spray can
[07:20] Psalm23: OK, just the batter (and there's music on that site--beware)
[07:22] Beast: great - instead of mainlining whipped cream, you can do pancake batter instead.
[07:22] Psalm23: but it's ORGANIC
[07:22] Psalm23: rofl
[07:23] Beast: available at [local chain], meijer and [another local chain]!
[07:23] Psalm23: "dicalcium phosphate" don't we grow that around here?
[07:23] Beast: yeah, i saw that. organic compressed crap in a can. the CANS, so organic, too.
[07:24] Psalm23: yes
[07:24] Psalm23: very eco friendly
[07:24] Psalm23: (I may buy one just as a giggle)
[07:25] Beast: yeah - and after making fun of it, we'll probly like it.....
[07:25] Psalm23: we can make fun of liking it!
[07:25] Psalm23: Oooh, I'll take it to Amy's on Saturday!
[07:25] Beast: you're doing organic breakfast?
[07:26] Psalm23: who says we can't have pancakes or waffles for lunch??
[07:27] Beast: it WOULD save on the mess of mixing the batter
[07:27] Beast: how much does a can cost, do u know?

[07:27] Psalm23: no dishes to wash
[07:27] Psalm23: just eat off the griddle!
[07:27] Psalm23: I'd guess at about $5
[07:28] Beast: just the opposite of sticking your tongue on a frozen pole, eh?
[07:28] Psalm23: oooh, the can is RECYCLABLE!!!
[07:28] Psalm23: I'm not sure where to find it in the store, though.
[07:28] Psalm23: Near the milk/eggs?
[07:28] Psalm23: Near the Bisquick?
[07:29] Beast: in the refrigerator section....
[07:30] Psalm23: ok, I really should go finish getting ready for work
[07:30] Beast: Banana and Nutella Pancakes with Hot Buttered Rum Sauce
[07:30] Psalm23: oooooh, lovely
[07:30] Beast: recipe on the web site
[07:30] Psalm23: see, now THAT's not breakfast
[07:30] Psalm23: and kinda messy, too
[07:31] Beast: Christmas Tree – You can make a simple Christmas tree shaped pancake – add M&Ms for the ornaments and a Hershey's Kiss star.
[07:31] Psalm23: CREAM CHEESE FROSTING!!!!!
[07:31] Beast: copied off the site, again
[07:32] Psalm23: yeah, I'm there [on the site] too
[07:32] Beast: snowy pancakes....
[07:32] Psalm23: I'm totally LMAO
[07:32] Beast: probly developed by some schmuck in [the town where we live]
[07:32] Psalm23: Nope: San Francisco I googled their phone
[07:33] Psalm23: AIMED at [the town where we live], no doubt
[07:33] Psalm23: I will be looking for these......
[07:33] Beast: "I didn't have any mixing bowls left, so I opened up an old can of WD-40, stuffed some batter inside, and voila!"
[07:33] Beast: (inventor on Martha Stewart Live)
[07:34] Psalm23: oh, it totally gets better
[07:34] Psalm23: The phone number used to belong to a company called Periodic Tables: a cabinetry business [helps here to know that Beast is a chemist]
[07:35] Beast: lmao
[07:35] Psalm23: They apparently diversified!!
[07:35] Beast: i LIKE that
[07:35] Beast: well, you have to use the tables for SOMETHING
[07:35] Psalm23: rofl
We crack ourselves up. The rest of the joke, however, is that I bought a couple of cans and took them to Amy's yesterday...and the pancakes aren't half bad.

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