Thursday, January 08, 2009

Motherly crowing

Mood: ok. tired
Hair: looked great when I left the house
Eyes: feh
Listening to: CT quietly wrangling with what sounds like her insurance company
We found out last night that Sparky has been placed in the county-wide honor band. They take the 'best' band students from each school and create a super-de-dooper band out of them for the state music teachers' conference kickoff in a couple of weeks. Not only did he make the band, but in spite of being the youngest player in his section, he auditioned into first chair on his instrument (ok, there are only three others in the section, but STILL!).

I am quite proud. It's shocking, really: he's only switched over to bass clarinet from 'regular' since September. And he beat out seniors and juniors? Wow.


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