Monday, January 05, 2009

{thump} Head meets wall

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Sparky had homework over his break from school. Nothing major, just a little research, finding some resources for a paper to be done at a later date. He did the research on the Saturday between the holidays, and created his bibliography for the teacher and saved it.

This morning, as part of the launch sequence, I asked him if he had the printout. "Oh, I never printed it. Thanks for reminding me!" {eyeroll} He accessed the document and tried to print it and then shut the laptop. I didn't hear the printer start so I asked fairly innocuously, "All set?"

"No. I forgot; Dad hasn't set up this computer to print so it won't go."

And that's it. We have three other computers that ARE ready to print. WTF! "You could email it to yourself on one of the others and print it from there," says I, fairly calmly. "Are you seriously just going to quit trying without even asking for help?"

I logged off the laptop I was using and went to get ready to leave while he took care of this. He came upstairs 10 minutes later to tell me it didn't work because the settings aren't set up to access email on the new computer. Huh? He accesses his email all the time from that one! Turns out, he was in the word processor trying to send the document. I assumed he knew I meant to go into Gmail and attach the document to an email to himself. Sigh.

On the good-ish side, he found his thumb drive and saved it there. Did he print it from another computer then?

No. (of course not!)

"I'll do it at school, from one of the computers there."

OK, yeah. He'd just got through telling me that he couldn't take both his band instruments today because he wouldn't have enough time to drop them in the bandroom before classes began. Which would have been no problem if he would have accepted my freely given offer of a ride to school at the very beginning of the morning's conversation. I'll be headed there anyway to volunteer for a couple of hours, so it's not like it would have been a big deal.

He doesn't have a study hall, so I really don't know when he'll have time to do this printing. Especially since the doc isn't a Word doc, and that's what the school uses.

Plan ahead much, kid?

What a DORK.

No word today. I'm too stunned by the stupid.

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