Thursday, November 13, 2008

I never, ever, thought I'd say this

I'm quite pleased to say that I am currently wearing one of my mother's necklaces-- rescued from the Salvation Army collection at my sister's house over the weekend-- and I don't hate it.

Yes, it's costume jewelry. No, I have no earrings to match, because my mom didn't ever get her ears pierced and I'm not wearing those hideous pinch-back things. Yes, I know I never (ok, rarely) wear necklaces. Yes, I know I got a new, made-for-me necklace for my birthday.

We are in that somewhat ghoulish phase of things with Mom where we are waiting to see which organ or system implodes first, and kind of praying for anything as long as it's soon. It's hard walking this line of being sad about both my mom and Beast's mom while trying to live my regular life at the same time: exuberant teens, floods of sugary treats, well-wishes and flowers from friends, the accomplishment of work well-done, the injuries and illnesses of friends and other family members, and all the rest of the daily things.

Life goes on. I guess. Things just change. Yeah, that's news.

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