Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Day off

Mood: OK
Hair: Who knows? I haven't looked yet
Eyes: Fine
Listening to: Sparky getting out of bed noise
I took today off work. It's Beast's birthday. I asked for it off last month some time. The only problem is that something came up at work for Beast and he's at the airport right now on his way to ... MEXICO! Yeah, the high here today is supposed to be 34F; where he's headed the temperature will be in the low 80s by the time he arrives. Next time, I'm dropping everything and going with him! Jeez, I even speak the language!

Instead, I'm having last week's birthday cake for breakfast and spending the day reading, blogging and catching up on selfish interests. Maybe I'll even do some online Xmas shopping and shipping. After all, we got Christmas presents from my sister over the weekend (extenuating circs--don't scream).

Don't feel too sorry for me: I got a wonderful massage yesterday, along with accomplishing everything on my to-do list. Things are going well, in spite of several occasional speed bumps that keep me honest. I'll miss Beast this week, but he'll be home soon, hopefully without any intestinal virus, and we can start planning for Thanksgiving weekend in earnest.

Urban Word:
Song Binging: To binge on a song or artist.
The act of repeatedly and obsessively listening to a particular song or artist over a relatively short period of time. Periods of song binging are followed by extended periods of skipping the certain track or artist, leaving them unplayed.

One thing I won't be doing today is song-binging. I think I've outgrown that, though I may 'music binge' for part of the day.

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