Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday Night Sprites

Mood: Pretty good
Hair: Lookin' good, if massively middle-aged
Eyes: Best they've felt all year
Listening to Watching: CSI:NY Season One "Rain"
I don't have to be at work till Tuesday. Wonderful. I don't intend to drive past or check in, though I will probably look at my email a couple of times.

Today I played.

Well, first I went and volunteered at the new high school library for a couple of hours and set up a regular schedule for that. Beautiful building/space. Nice collection too, even if the district does use F0llett. Some cool shelving on wheels.

THEN I came home and played. Now that I'm working on laundry, going up- and downstairs, I've realized that my legs are completely exhausted...from crawling around shelving books this morning. OMG.

WordSpy Word:
transliteracy: n., The ability to read and write using multiple media, including traditional print media, electronic devices, and online tools.

I think we are all going to have to develop transliteracy if we want to advance in today's marketplace. Not that this is necessarily a bad thing!

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