Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I think I missed the memo

Mood: OK
Hair: Keeping my neck VERY warm tonight
Eyes: Sore, but feeling better than they have in awhile
Listening to: Some random football game Beast turned on (the NFL network): Colts/Vikes. I dunno.
Where was it posted? Because it really does seem like "Let's Be As Dumb As Possible Week."
  1. Saturday and Sunday were crazy-busy at work, due to the computers being psycho.
  2. Then there was the email I posted yesterday.
  3. Sarah Palin--every day something new. I can't even bear to read about her. This does NOT make me anti-woman. It makes me pro-humanity (and moose)!
  4. People monkeying with their meds, because they are so much smarter than doctors--and then wondering why they are having medical problems.
  5. The same person who wrote yesterday's email sent ANOTHER stupid one to the wrong person...long story.
[Edited: The corker today were a couple of emails, which I excerpted and edited, and published here. I have taken them down because…well, I didn’t ask for permission and the last thing I need is for her to stumble across them and “out” me. If you didn’t see the post, I will be happy to forward it to you if you email me at P*s*a*l*m*2*3 @gmail. Leave out the asterisks. Or IM me in the meebo window.

Trust me: it’s boring librarian stuff but it totally infuriated me.]

I can't wait till tomorrow. The stupidity just keeps growing.

Urban Word:

phuket thailand: a word [sic] used to express absolute astonishment!

Phuket Thailand, life is pissing me off this week!

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