Thursday, August 28, 2008

Time passages

[anyone else remember that song??]

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Eyes: dry
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So. In the past eight days in my family, Del, CC, and Marie have added a year to their ages. Also, Del & CC and Jean & Reg have celebrated wedding anniversaries, and Ellen & Dean's anniversary was in there as well. This is the month that caused me to call a moratorium on the cards (much less gifts!). August broke the budget and my brain every year.

Also, my childhood best friend's birthday is next week, and so is Jenny's. Amy's birthday was yesterday. What the HELL?? Why do I seem to (unknowingly) buddy up with all these Virgos? Maybe this is why:
If you’re sick, need some help or some good advice, Virgo friends are the ones to seek. They have a great concern for the welfare of others and are always willing to go the extra mile to help you out. Their solid, practical natures are great in many situations and their ability to plan with extreme detail is amazing. They are not shy in giving you their time or energy, but they are also not so shy in point out your faults, how you messed up or nagging you to better yourself.
All true, except for that last bit. I don't really have naggy friends, or they are so tactful I don't even recognize the nagging!


The main reason I'm posting is because my nephew (Jesse) is here for a couple of days before moving on to Katherine and Alan's on Friday night. We were going to visit an outdoor museum today but it's supposed to rain a bit. We'll see. He's not even up yet--which is just fine. He looked more than a little haggard when we picked him up at the train station yesterday. Maybe we'll just sit in the house today and play video games. Katherine has Active Duty planned for him Saturday and Sunday: tours, regular museums, walking, shows, tourist stuff. I'm tired just reading her schedule! While they do that, I will work (Saturday) and supervise the thorough cleaning of Sparky's room (Sunday or Monday). Beast is heading back to OH tomorrow.

Also and completely unrelated to anything else: Bill Clinton is an excellent speech-maker. What a shame his follow-through is so suspect. He sure wows a crowd, though.

WordSpy Word:
junior moment: n. A momentary lapse into immaturity; nervousness or folly caused by youth or inexperience.

I think I'm going to have to chalk up a lot of this month's angst about everyone's behavior to several people's junior moments, mine included.

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