Monday, June 02, 2008


Mood: OK; warm, but nothin' wrong with that after this past winter
Hair: Pretty gross; ponytail
Eyes: It's allergy season
Listening to: Dirty Jobs, learning about crane operation while wearing a shiny silver protective suit
I'm not sure what I need to talk about except to say that the last 30 or so hours have been interesting, challenging, fun and tiring. I hate going to Sam's Club, but I did today. I hate going to the allergist for shots, so I didn't today. All the paperwork is pretty well organized for our mission trip which starts in less than two weeks. We're still trying to fill three spots--any teens out there who want to go with us??

I called and made an appointment for this week with A Professional who can--we hope--figure out why I'm so sad, angry, and cranky. We bailed on seeing Katherine and Alan et al. yesterday, blaming Beast's admittedly painful back. I think it was a good choice--he finally seems to be over the whole back thing today, and I didn't murder anyone in my extended family.

Tomorrow, it's back to work. Whee.

My nephew Jesse is on his way to his summer job tomorrow, flying from England to Mpls. (I think) and then driving a few hours north. He's going to have a great time, but his schedule for visiting all the spread-out relatives and friends after the job is done...whew. Glad he's young! :-)

I think I'll go read a book. Maybe later this week I'll have something earth-shatterringly interesting and/or fun to say. I wouldn't hold my breath.

Urban Word:
wikidemia: An academic work passed off as scholarly yet researched entirely on Wikipedia.

I expect that over the last few weeks there have been quite a large number of assignments turned in across the country that were outstanding examples of wikidemia.

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