Wednesday, June 04, 2008


It's rarely foggy in Colorado or rather, in Denver. I love fog. Even Stephen King's story "The Mist" didn't ruin it for me. Fog is cool. Very metaphorical for me right now too.

I got some cataloging done yesterday. That helped.

Knowing I have an appointment tomorrow helps.

Doing something productive for dinner last night helped.

Planning to totally clear out the crap on my desk here at home tonight helps a great deal.

Listening to the silly podcast yesterday my nephew and a friend are doing helped a lot as well, and gave me a blogpost idea for later this week.

But the best thing: The whole primary season is over and the Dems have a nominee...unless the Clinton camp gets all freaky-deaky again about some stupid shit. I'm telling you: I wouldn't have had a problem with Clinton as the nominee--though I prefer Obama--but after the past ten days of political backsliding and general BS from her campaign about Super Delegates...I'm quite glad that politics-as-usual didn't work. Ahem.

So, see. Life could be considerably worse.

World Blessing Generator:
May no obstacle come across your way,
and the sounds of peace be a tonic to your spirit.
Be the change you wish to see in the world.
Relax and create.

Urban Word:
Blue Falcon: A general Marine Corps term, meaning "Buddy Fucker". It usually refers to a Marine who is supposed to use the "Buddy System", but chooses to leave his buddies hanging while he goes ahead without them.

Even though she was never in the Marines, I suspect Hillary (and most other lifelong politicians) of being a Blue Falcon Democrat.

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