Wednesday, June 25, 2008

In my head

So, randomness:
  • If someone greets you for the first time at 1:00 pm by saying "Good morning" wouldn't you assume they were joking? I did. He wasn't.

  • George Carlin was a genius. HBO is replaying a shitload of his 'concerts' tonight, and I think tomorrow night. In the one they are showing right now, Carlin is just a little more...special...than normal. He's either high or slightly wasted. Pretty funny--he keeps cracking himself up. And Sparky has now been introduced to the Seven Words, a couple of which he didn't (doesn't) know definitions for, and of course his father and I are laughing too hard to tell him.

  • I have pretty hair for the conference. Cuz it matters that much to me (not). OK, for real? I have pretty hair for the READ posters we're busy making at work. My close-up is tomorrow. Maybe.

  • Twice in the last month at family restaurants in town we have been seated next to or near tables of men with the foulest, and loudest, mouths. Now, y'all know I don't have a problem with swearing as a way of emphasizing. But...when literally every 4th or 5th word is "fuck" at 107 decibels, I dunno, it's just really annoying.
    You know who was most upset? Sparky. He could barely eat tonight.

  • If someone needs help from someone else, wouldn't it behoove them to be somewhat...I dunno...humble? Respectful? As opposed to insolent, rude, and pushy? Because, y'know, if I were asking a favor, or looking for information, I think I'd want to not piss off the person to whom I was talking.

  • Our Session meeting was last night. There are 12 people, plus the moderator, who are supposed to be there. We had a total of 6 including the moderator. There were 4 non-Session members of the church who came to present information. It was pretty weird; we're not really sure it was a legal meeting, or rather whether anything we decided was legal.
And now my brain is empty.

Urban Word:
handy: European slang for cellular telephone

When my sister lived in Germany 7 years ago, she found that there were some interesting slang terms. We never did figure out where "handy" came from, really, but it's certainly more fun than "mobile" or "cell phone."

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