Thursday, November 08, 2007

Yes, I'm alive

My sinuses are having a rough time adjusting to dry air, so I've had a nearly-constant dull headache for a couple of days now. Nothing dramatic, just vaguely there.

I took this weekend off to stay home with Sparky; they were done yesterday at noon and don't have to be back until Tuesday. So I'm home every day he is, plus Tuesday next week. I hope I don't just waste all that time!!

Last night was conferences. I think this was the first year we finally heard what we've known all along, from ALL of his teachers: he's smart, he's really having no trouble in classes, he's a good student (in the sense of not screwing around in class), etc. etc. (ad nauseum--I'll stop now). He came with us, so he was able to hear his teachers praise him, and that's good. The two downsides were his German teacher, only because he says Sparky talks in class a bit too much (but then he admitted that EVERYone in that class is very social), and his band teacher who was just...blah. She handed over his grade sheet, said he was doing fine and was attentive and that she appreciated his hard work, and then had nothing else to add.

That school is HUGE! And there are at least 15 stairwells. I'd be totally lost if I was really trying to find something in a hurry. And...old. Just...old.

OK, today Sparky has an assignment from Beast: pull up the tack strips in our bedroom and then remove all the staples in the floor. Tomorrow Beast will start putting in the new floor! He and I have slept in the spare room for two nights so far, mincing carefully around our two dressers, the queen-size mattress and springs, our bedding, Beast's C-Pap, the chairs from our's a little dicey in there.

For me, today consists of a shower, a stop at the grocery store, the pharmacy and the meat locker where I will order our main course for the 22nd, and playing SimCity. Oh, and I'll make dinner, from scratch, for the first time in eons. Hope I can manange all the stress! :-)

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