Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Life goes on

Back to work, a year older.

Beast went to the Packer game Sunday and then left on a business trip yesterday morning. Apparently, his gift to me included his absence! (hiya, babe) Yes, he does read this.

Actually, I got an autographed book from a local(ish) author, a Brett Favre jersey, and a new bedroom, so I'm fairly pleased.

Five-and-a-half days' off school for Sparky is about four too long.

Five days' off work is about two too short for me. On the other hand, I'm back to having two carts full of books that arrived while I was gone. {{Shrug}} Good to be needed.

So here I am diving in: Sculpting Her Body Perfect, the local high school yearbook from 1999 (donated), America in Space, and a stack of test-taking books (GRE, GED, SAT, etc.), ahoy!

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