Friday, November 02, 2007

Dual-purpose blogging

It was suggested, nay requested, that I post something...anything!...soon...this morning! Please! My husband is embarrassed about the freeze-screen on yesterday's video. Having it open at work while he IMs me (via Meebo--see the window, over there to the left??) meant the possibility of someone wondering what the hell he was doing looking at THAT at work! :-)

So I'm posting something.

And taking up space.

For him.

BUT! Since I just came across something about libraries, I'm linking to it, too. It's just a link. No flaunting of Bush. And here's a hint: if you are in any way related to libraries and think the post to which I've linked sounds like you, seriously please go away now. Because, yeah, you need to take your meds and visit reality with the rest of the world.

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