Sunday, November 04, 2007

My weekend

  1. I worked Friday and Saturday. I don't do that very often. Long week, but not bad. CT and I did not speak once after last Sunday's shenanigans.
  2. My eyes are FUBAR again.
  3. In honor of the beginning of the Dark, I started back on the Happy Pills yesterday. God knows I really needed them about three weeks ago! It takes ten days to two weeks for them to actually build up enough oomph to have any effect, so by my birthday I should be good.
  4. Having commented about the approach of winter, I have to quickly add that the weather remains beautiful. Today was amazingly gorgeous.
  5. I have a billion-and-twenty things to do this week.
  6. That extra hour of sleep we all got last night? I hope whoever got mine instead of me enjoyed it.
  7. The Packers won. They are 6-1 so far. Unreal, but v. cool!
  8. Our bedroom no longer has Builder White walls. Once the floor is installed--in the next couple of weeks--I'll post photos. Right now, the room is echoey and odd-looking because of the lack of pictures on walls and so forth. Also, it is VERY blue, with (three) newly blue walls, blue curtains, and a blue carpet. I like blue, but this isn't working even for me. The wood (or rather "wood") floors will complement the walls better. We hope. ;-)
  9. I spent a lot of time with teens and almost-teens at church-related events today. I'm tahred. Taaahrrredddd!
  10. I only work Tuesday and Wednesday this coming week.
That is all. Good night.

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