Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Another meeting last night. Not sure anything really came of it--ok, yes, there was some movement.

It's cooler outside, and the first song today seems to be tonally tuned into the coming of winter ("Nothing Without You" Vienna Tang). Lovely but sad.

Bible study this morning was a particularly difficult passage.

The first stack of titles I'll be cataloging today:
Golf Rules & Etiquette
Kick Boxing
Queer Images
Cuentos Fríos
Peripheral Neuropathy
The Perfect Stage Crew
100 Questions and Answers about Infertility
Still have not talked to Katherine (suddenly their answering machine isn't picking up).

Her sister Elizabeth seems to be going off the deep end about the idiocy of today's college students. Do all people working in academia find the students this awful?

I chair a library meeting today, first time in a couple of years doing that.

Time to work.

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