Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Not what I intended

This post was going to extol the virtues of music, list the songs I heard today at work and generally rave about Launchcast.

At 2:55 today, the power went out at work (and apparently, in the neighborhood as a whole). My list? I never had saved it.

After spending nearly 30 minutes helping get everything reset in the library, I checked to see if there was an auto-save somewhere. Nope.

So, here's the last hour of what I heard with my ratings/comments:

Alison Moyet -- Is This Love? 9 (I want to be able to sing like her)

The Police -- De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da 7 (about where my head was at this point)

Kenny Chesney -- Wild Ride 8 (this was the second Chesney song of the day--both off his latest album, both good--and I don't love country)

Bon Jovi -- Prayer '94 8 (interesting take on their more well-known version)

New Order -- Perfect Kiss 6

Operator -- Soulcrusher (Amended Version) skipped (had already heard Operator earlier)

T. Rex -- Bang A Gong (Get It On) 9 (mindless, dopey--in all senses--rock!)

Thievery Corporation -- The Richest Man In Babylon unrated (Thievery Corp. is great! I think I was focused on work during this song so I didn't rate it)

N'Klabe -- Ella Volvió (Remix) 7 (I do like N'Klabe)

The Gap Band -- You Dropped A Bomb On Me 9 (this is the song during which we lost power--irony?)

Joe Henry -- Love Is Enough unrated (undecided on whether I like the singer or the song)

Los Lobos -- Short Side Of Nothing 6

Soulive -- Morning Light skipped (ick)

Brandtson -- Stop Machine skipped (ick)

The Good, The Bad & The Queen -- Three Changes skipped (ick)

Miriam Makeba -- Pata Pata 10 (one of my favorite songs)

I Nine -- Seven Days Of Lonely 8 (very interesting)

Bodyrockers -- Dirty 8 (a misogynist's wet dream, but a great tune)

Steve Earle -- Leroy's Dustbowl Blues 6

Simian Mobile Disco -- I Believe unrated (love the name of the band, but I think this was another high-focus moment)

Constantine -- Everybody Loves skipped (had already heard another, better Constantine song earlier)

Queen -- Under Pressure 9 (...sigh...David Bowie...)

Caribou -- Sundialing 4
When I last checked the lost file, it had about 40 songs on it. I was only going to list the really excellent new (to me) finds. Oh, well.

This wasn't a bad day, but it certainly wasn't a great day. I'm worried about a dozen different things that need to be dealt with, and I have a mosquito bite on my ankle. On October 9.


Time to call my niece so I can stop my sister from pestering me any more!!

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