Sunday, October 07, 2007


Some people can't be trusted. I wish I could remember this. I am, however, slowly learning that I can and should say no when people ask me to add more to my activities. Especially when the people asking assure me they'll help out, and they are people who have abused my trust in the past.

But enough about that.

Sparky is going on a date tomorrow. Technically, he's going to a movie with a friend who is a girl, but he wants it to be a date, so...does that make it a date? She says it's not a date, and he says it's not a date, but he doesn't sound convinced (and he's going to, uh, 'Hairspray' so that pushes it DIRECTLY into "date movie" territory as far as I can tell).

He had a simply wonderful time at Homecoming last night.

Slow and fast.

I'm loving watching him gain confidence. When he spins into a fan blade, it's going to suck, but right now it's all good.

Tonight was three hours' worth of youth group. Beast and I are tired. I spent a LOT of time at church today, some of it quite fraught. But these kids do tend to bring out good feelings in me. I also got more physical exercise tonight than I have in probably 3 months. I ran, if you can believe it! My legs are guaranteed to hurt tomorrow.

Beast is feeling "ill" tonight, the beginnings of a terrible case of 16-hour flu. I think he's hoping the tortilla chips he's noshing on with cure what ails him. Hah.

The Pack is stomping on the collective face of the Bears. Life is pretty good right now. As long as I don't really engage my brain and think about any specific individuals.... So I think I'll just take a bath and go to bed.

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