Friday, August 31, 2007

Lazy Friday

Sparky was happier than I've seen him about school when I picked him up from orientation. I think it dealt with a lot of the worries he was bottling up inside. He proceeded to spend several hours outside playing with the neighborhood kids. Then I found him doing this:

[photo removed]

Ack! Not for another 15 or 16 months, please!!

Beast took the afternoon off. This is what he's been working on: Sanding down the component parts of a 4-foot pew for our front entry....that's the seat of the pew in the background, vertical.

My dad built this bookshelf. This is the best I've ever seen it look, but then it is at least a few years older than me. However, I don't think the vises/clamps holding pew pieces together and sitting on top are necessarily the total look I'm going for. In any case, Beast is da bomb!

Me? I grocery shopped, read a book, took Sparky to the bank (and everywhere else), and dug out the spare room. Cuz, yeah: company's coming tomorrow!!

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