Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Medical checkin

We took FIL out to dinner last night in honor of MIL's 72nd birthday. We had a good time, he got a little snockered on JB-BL, but a good time was had by all (except Sparky who was so bored his head hit the table for a nap at one point). Upon departure, FIL bumped up against a fixture and that was enough to open up the skin on his arm and he started to bleed like crazy. His skin on his arms is the thickness of a Kleenex. Sigh. Fortunately, this isn't painful--it's just like if anyone else bumped into something lightly--but it's embarrassing and messy. We had to go back inside and ask for multiple napkins and paper towels for him.

Meanwhile, Mom is in the hospital. She has had a bedsore for several months and it needs to be surgically debrided (?) or something. Anyway, it's very painful and her leg is still mending* so she's getting morphine constantly, and she isn't eating very well (and yesterday, due to crap hospital care, her blood sugar hit 39--they had forgotten she's diabetic and hadn't IV'd her or fed her all day)...and my sister is having to leave town for a week, and my brother (normally the geographically closest) is in Denmark (or Sweden?) for a couple of that leaves me as the backup in case something happens and one of us kids needs to be there. My sister's husband is there, of course, but he's a PiTA, and I don't trust him very far.



*I never mentioned here, I guess, that she slid out of her wheelchair in the nursing home van last month when it stopped suddenly. When she landed, her knee-replacement torqued around funny and broke off the end of her femur. Yeah. Fun. We've contacted a lawyer, primarily because we're pretty sure they didn't attached the straps right. We don't want money, just a clear procedure on how to not injure other patients! And she's 87 and frail so healing takes bloody-forever.

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