Monday, December 08, 2008

Gotta brag

Haven't done a brag post on Sparky for awhile, which is a shame because he has really been on a lengthy positive roll this fall. But this morning he said something that kinda stunned me. He showed me a necklace that he bought for a friend of his (a girl), and told me that he was giving it to her NOT because he likes her 'that way' (Mo-o-o-om! she's got a boyfriend!!!). He bought it for her this weekend because she mentioned last week that her dad lost his job and so her family wouldn't be able to have much of a Christmas this year. He didn't want her not to have any presents.

I love that (young) man. See why I gotta brag? [I can't find a song clip to embed, but in my head is running the intro to "Gotta Sing" from Singin' in the Rain]

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