Thursday, December 11, 2008

Things teenagers say

Mood: tired and verging on cranky, but not quite there...yet
Hair: I think it looks good, but I haven't checked since this morning, 12 hours ago. The front is pulled up in a barrette at the crown.
Eyes: tired
Listening to: commercials (we're waiting for Survivor to start)
[FYI: if you don't use Facebook, much of the first paragraph will sound rather bizarre...hang in there.]
So, I was at church yesterday doing the usual homework thing with the youth group. I finished what I was doing on the Mac there and decided to check Facebook for any updates. I was visiting a friend's page and leaving a note on his wall, right next to his profile picture. A couple of the kids happened to glance over just then and the following discussion took place:
"Whoooo's THAT!?" says Ika. Braids chimes in, "Yeah, who's he??" They both hop off their chairs and walk over behind me.

"He's a guy who used to work at the library [very part time, as a consultant]," I reply, looking at his photo a little more closely than I had up to that point.

"Ohhhh, so he's OLD?" Braids says, and Ika starts to move back to the table.

"He's...uh, birthday is...." I realize that he was born at the end of my junior year of high school. Holy crap! "I could be his mom! Never realized that till now!"

"Wow!!! OOOOLLLDDDDD!!" Ika says, as she turns back to her calculus book. Braids just crosses the room, nodding.
He's 11 or 12 years older than they are. And I always had him in the Very Young category of people I know.

I guess it totally depends on perspective.

[Yes, I shared this story with him. Hey, it's a compliment, even if it was followed by 100% smackdown. And they are pretty discriminating girls in the Boys + Looks area.]

Otherwise, today = deadly boring.

WordSpy Word:
adorkable : adj.Delightful and charming in a socially awkward way. [Blend of adorable and dork.]

I have adorkable friends.

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