Thursday, December 18, 2008


Mood: Good
Hair: Flatter than flat, and dry
Eyes: Itchy. here we go again....
Listening to: The house. It's VERY quiet.

I opened Borders today. Hee.

I also grocery-shopped in anticipation of what they've been saying is going to be a GIANT STORM. I always use the self-check lanes at Meijer's because it's faster. They have hired some people do help bag on those lanes, which is nice. The guy working mine didn't do a great job, but it did save me some time. On the way out the door, a voice behind me said, "Uh-oh. You dropped your cheese."

People are nice.

WordSpy Word:
murketing: n. A form or marketing where the product or service is not mentioned or shown.

Obviously, I'm not murketing Meijer's. They have their issues, but I do like the store near us.

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