Sunday, December 21, 2008

Baby It's Cold

Mood: Mildly sinus-y
Hair: Clean and brushed
Eyes: Tired
Listening to: Foo'bal
The current temperature, according to our thermometer on the (sunny) porch, is -6.2F (up from -6.0F at 10:00). The weather channel has posted a wind chill warning: gusts leading to -40F chills.

Beast just came through the living room in his winter coat, balaclava, and fully lined heavy mittens and said, "Right, I'm going out to get the newspaper!" It is on the driveway 20 yards from the house.

[He was outside maybe 5 minutes--he brought in firewoood too--and his under-the-breath comment after removing the outerwear was, "Hoo--that's brutal."]

Urban Word:
leanover: A small-sized hangover, usually comes with merely a mild headache, a vague fatigue, and little or no sense of regret and/or shame.

I feel like I have a leanover this morning, but I haven't had anything alcoholic since Friday night. Time warp.

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