Friday, November 21, 2008

I'm (sorta) back

Right, so this week was a totally weird week. Beast left Tuesday, having celebrated his early birthday Monday night. I worked Wednesday, but only about 6 hours because of the homework thing we're doing at church after school. Because it was also the evening of our church's Thanksgiving meal, the youth group and I were roped into helping with some basic setup (salt & pepper and water on each table, etc.). And, the person in charge of cleanup called me Tuesday to ask if we (the youth group) could possibly help out at the end as well since her kneecap is fubar.

Sparky and I got home at 7:45, over two hours after the meal started. That's pretty good actually, and we were not the last people to leave (shocking!). Most of the dishes were done, and the work that still needed doing was dealing with leftovers and putting away clean pots & pans.

Thursday I woke up with the alarm, knowing I had a staff meeting at work, Sparky to drop off for a pre-school meeting, and books to pick up at the book drop near my house. By the time we got in the car, I realized that the early morning "Ick" I had been feeling wasn't likely to be going anywhere. Upon arriving at work, I knew that the further I strayed from a bathroom, the worse my life would be. I came home after the meeting.

And slept. Solidly for 5 hours. Off and on while the TV was on the rest of the day, even after Sparky came home. I went to bed before he did. Beast texted me an hour later (fortunately, I brought my cell into the bedroom with me), and we talked for a few minutes. He's coming home today, though his flight doesn't land until midnight.

Went to the store this morning for FIL and dropped the stuff at his apartment after a lengthy and informative discussion with the pharmacist about something on FIL's list. Driving home, I realized that I need to sleep some more, for real. Not that I have, yet. But that's the plan for the next hour or two, until Sparky gets home from school.

I don't feel like I've accomplished anything at all this week. However, I did end up getting my siblings' and mom's Christmas presents ordered and sent, so that's something, right?

I get to work tomorrow. Yuck, mostly because I'm on desk duty for three hours, I think. I hope I feel better...or I'll be under the desk drooling on the floor for part of that time.

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