Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I'm home

Mood: meh
Hair: braid
Eyes: fine
Listening to: "Egypt Uncovered" on ID (Sparky's choice)
Good things about the trip:
  • Quality time with Sparky.
  • I never reached the point of wanting to murder Jan. This is a major improvement over any other trip.
  • I only felt lousy one day due to the cold. Not so bad.
  • Got to see Mom, made her smile, helped her out with mealtimes, etc.
  • I once again managed to drive through snow in the mountains. I loathe Vail Pass! Also large trucks.
  • Got birthday schwag!
  • Not having cruise control on my rental car was surprisingly difficult.
  • Found Pea Green Corner. Took pictures.
  • Discovered that the people who are a living in the house in which I grew up are Obama supporters. Got a good chuckle over Dad haunting them for that. hee
It was awfully hard leaving the nursing home yesterday after saying goodbye to Mom. Thank goodness Sparky was there for moral support.

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