Friday, September 12, 2008

Productive Day

Mood: Better'n last night!
Hair: Newly dyed, but looking purly-AWful
Eyes: ...grrr...
Listening to: Beast talking to his dad on the phone
Beast worked his 40-plus hours over the course of the rest of the week, so today was a free day today. So...
...he dropped me off at 9:20 for my aforementioned hair appointment
...he went to the bank and set up his dad's new account (part one) and I think did one other short errand
...we drove half an hour to the next biggest city to return his rental car and pick up our Honda
...we stopped at the nearest furniture store that sells LaZBoy and picked out a new recliner for FIL (it will not arrive until after he has moved in)
...we tried to eat at one place where Beast was called an "Asshole" by a woman driving a giant SUV and the line was 15 minutes long (ABORT!)
...we drove thru Wendy's where I got fries and Beast got a burger
...Beast dropped me at Starbucks back in the town where I work where I was meeting someone; meanwhile, he stopped at the bookstore next door to talk to someone who had left a message about running the sound/light board at church
...he went to talk to people at U-Haul
...I talked to a friend
...he picked me up
...we went to the grocery store and I went in and grabbed food for dinner while
...he stopped across the street at the post office to check our box
and then
...we went home (arriving at 4 or so).
I had to run out and collect Sparky from school at 5, I made dinner (gasp! shock!), we all sorted laundry, Sparky cleaned up the dishes and brought up the recycling, Beast is paying bills, and I'm about to go take a bath and rest my eyes. I'm having a horrible time seeing the computer screen well enough to read, which is freaking me out a little.

Tomorrow I work. It will be MUCHO relaxing!

It's raining, and will be doing so for the forseeable future. There's another horrible hurricane in the Gulf. I don't want to drive to Houston with stuff again, so I hope people there evacuate sensibly.

Right. Going to bath and bed.

Urban Word:
hurrication: Evacuation from a major hurricane turned into a short holiday.

I hope all you Galvestonians are enjoying your hurrication and things aren't as bad as they sound after the storm passes.

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