Thursday, September 11, 2008


Mood: So fucking tired of having sore eyes!
Hair: Fine, I guess
Eyes: Fucking sore
Listening to: OCC and Sparky's bedtime trip upstairs
Yeah, I am.

Really, some days, I feel positively electrifying in my shiny brilliance.

Today: not so much. I managed to delete 300 item records owned by another library in our consortium while I was trying to unload a bunch of our outdated order records. Fortunately, it was only 300 (instead of all 1800 records in the file). But, I almost threw up when I realized what I'd done. It could have been MUCH MUCH worse in every way, but it definitely was one of my least intelligent and professional moments.

Oh, and Beast is home, though he seems to have traded a semi-functional back for a completely fucked-up one.

...rains...pours...blah blah

Urban Word:
cheese and rice: This is a less offensive way of saying "Jesus Christ"

It originated with the movie 'The Faculty'. In the real version, one of the characters exclaimed "Jesus Christ!" but in the edited TV version, they had it changed to "Cheese and rice!"

When I realized what I had done today, I eliminated the cheese and rice and skipped right to, "SHIT, SHITshitSHITshitSHIT!!!"

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