Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Mood: The usual
Hair: Pissing. Me. Off.
Eyes: Going south...
Listening to: CSI: NY (Season One)
I feel a bit as if I'm standing on a big open plain, no grass, nothing in particular to see in any direction. Everything is brownish-gold. Nothing awful is on the horizon. Nothing wonderful is on the horizon. The horizon is a long way away from here, though, and while the ground isn't precisely sand, it is an awfully hard slog walking. And which direction should I be heading?

Sigh. Is this what middle age looks like?

Urban Word:
gr7: A little less than gr8 (great) but still better than just good
(said grr-sev-en)

I'm not in an awful mood, but I'm not exactly wonderful. Gr7 would cover it, I think.

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