Monday, September 08, 2008

Hello? Is this thing on?

Mood: Tired
Hair: Meh; Friday can't come soon enough
Eyes: Dry
Listening to: Sparky remembering that the Pack plays tonight--like NOW!
I'm here. Kinda.

It's kinda just that everything is busy and yet all the same. We are in that dreaded holding pattern of running around prepping for FIL to move while trying to keep our regular lives going.

So, last night: youth group meeting. I love those, but they take time to prep, etc.

Yesterday, I went to Adult Sunday School for the first time in ages. Nice.

Saturday: shopping, but really just wandering to and fro. Lovely day, good food, FABULOUS company.

Today, I spent the day moving posts around from here to there. Yes, I'm mysterious. Sorry (not really). Also, I ran to the grocery store in the rain. And the highlight: the septic dude came and did what septic dudes do. Ick. That's done for several years, however. ;-)

Beast leaves on a business trip tomorrow. He hasn't traveled enough lately.

Tomorrow here at home: pedicure for the guinea pigs. Wednesday: dinner at church. Thursday: massage in the evening. Friday: hair appointment for me.

See what I mean? Real thrilling. Aren't you glad I checked in?

Urban Word:
jack in: v.
1. To gain entry; to connect, as to a network.
2. To enter or connect by deceptive or unscrupulous means, esp. with malicious intent.

I'm jacking in to another blogging platform. So far, it's good. Blogger needs to wake up on a bunch of levels.

P.S. My shoulder hurts a lot. I'm taking Beast's muscle relaxants. They make me really wackadoodle, and tired. And the pain thing? Don't help much, but even a little is critical.

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