Friday, September 05, 2008

Clean bill of health

Mood: meh-ish
Hair: well, it's still there...
Eyes: dry (SFSG today)
Listening to: silence
My gyn gave me a pass yesterday. Y'know what's weird: when you and your doctor commiserate over sharing the same cholesterol numbers.

I will see him next year for the Full Deal, and then he said I probably only need to come in every three years as long as my primary keeps me on the straight and narrow with scheduled mammograms.

The downside of going to this doctor (outside of what most women recognize as the downside of going to the gyn) is that I always spend more time in the waiting room than I do in the examining room. And the magazines there suck: Better Homes & Gardens (et al.) and American Baby (et al.). Since neither apply, and I just switched bags, I had no book. Gaah.

Speaking of clean: my cart at work is naked. Remember all the bitching for the past 6 months about having two full carts? I'm down to ONE SHELF on ONE CART, 90% of which is original cataloging (so it will go slow).


Now I can work on this damn continuations database that I've been stalled out on for months.

WordSpy Word:
social notworking: pp. Surfing a social networking site instead of working. Also: social not-working.

So, today I could either work on the database, reclass kids' biographies, or do a lot of social notworking. Which will it be, I wonder....

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