Saturday, September 13, 2008

What an awful day!

Work today was pretty much useless. Lots of rain brought out lots of people needing all sorts of stuff at the library. Our Tr!b carrier triple bagged the paper...then slid it across concrete and shredded all three bags, which meant the paper was 75% soaked upon retrieval. (Investors Business Daily was a complete loss: totally soggy and melting into itself.) The computers were moving so slowly by 10 that we were essentially working in reverse, and the staff functions were slower than the public YouTube and MySpace viewing. Residents of a group home arrived in the middle of that mess. I like these guys because they are almost always 100% up-front about what they need, but they are needy...and we don't have any books on dentistry. Or teeth. The printers weren't printing right, either. And I didn't feel good for the last half of the day: I was up in the middle of the night last night being friendly with porcelain, but felt OK this morning. By early afternoon, I was ready to head home, except I couldn't because we were short-staffed and barely hanging on. Oh, and people were registering to vote in droves today for some reason--I'm not complaining about this, really, just the timing.

Highlight of the day: wrangling three 13-year-olds out of the building at closing, one of the staff said something about knowing one of them along with his parents. Another kid pipes up, "You know my family? I doubt it. Go on, what's my last name!?" I burst into a guffaw--he was wearing a baseball shirt...with his last name printed on it. Goomba!!

I work tomorrow as well. Gaah.

Meanwhile, Beast has spent the day doing all the laundry and sorting through his parents' paperwork trying to formulate a way of organizing it. I just asked him if he feels as if he's crested the hill and can see the lay of the land, and he says he doesn't even know what the hill looks like. His back is, at least, a little better.

Sparky continues to plug through his stack of homework assigned for this weekend.

I think I've figured out (part of) my eye problem: computers. So this is about all I'm doing tonight online.

Urban Word:
poopular: Adj. Popular on the outside, poopy on the inside.

The more I see and read about Sarah Palin the more I think she personifies the Ultimate Poopular PTA Bitch. Sorry, no vote here; I never did like you ladies (term used intentionally--you have no idea how much I loathe that word).

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