Saturday, August 16, 2008

What I did tonight

Mood: Pretty good, right now
Hair: Pony
Eyes: Sore and itchy (allergies)
Listening to: "Michael Phelps, Michael Phelps, Michael Phelps..." gaaaah (I like the guy, but JEEEEEZZZZZZ!)
  • Filled the gas tank in the trunk and stocked up on bottles of DDP
  • Washed last night's pots & pans
  • Texted Beast about 6 times
  • Wrote a couple of Thank Yous
  • Stripped beds and washed sheets
  • Washed towels, too
  • Remade our bed (Sparky's will be addressed tomorrow)
  • "Made dinner": Bing cherries, 12 Wheat Thins, 6 small chunks of cheese, and far too many kettle-cooked salt-and-pepper potato chips. Also, two vodka-tonics.
  • Caught up on some blogposts and the one forum I read (unchecked for two weeks)
  • Caught up on memes
  • Talked to Beast on the phone
  • Church
  • Unload dishwasher
  • Work, alone, at work
  • Dinner with Katherine and Alan (which will include me gritting my teeth and not punching her in the face)
  • Talk to Beast at some point
  • Several project things around the house : family archives, budgeting stuff (for work), tidying up the front closet, putting Sparky's bed together again)
Did I mention that Beast and Sparky are in Ohio for at least the next four days? Sparky may stay on with his Grandpa after Beast heads home. FIL needs to have someone in the house with him; he fell in the night last night and couldn't get himself up. Not good.

Urban Word:
bad fuel day: The mood or feeling one experiences after having just filled his or her vehicle with $4.00+ per gallon gasoline. (Usually consists of a sense of great economic despair, impending doom, anger, frustration, depression and/or a combination of all the above)

Today was yet another bad fuel day, one of many we've had lately. We are going through gas this month like we can magically produce more.

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