Monday, August 18, 2008


Mood: Tired but otherwise pretty stoked
Hair: Yanked up and butterfly-clipped in back
Eyes: Itchy
Listening to: What else? The Olympics. That Chinese gymnast who won on the parallel bars? So NOT 16!! If she is, they really need to feed her more than twice a week.
I spent 4 hours today on my meme, prepping for the next few months (surprise: I don't write all the entries the night before!). It takes a long time to deal with 100 different questions and 25 photos, but I'm set now till March. That's great, since I don't really foresee a lot of time this fall for anything much like this.

Can Michael Phelps PLEASE take time to see an orthodontist and a speech therapist?!

OK, sorry. I also sorted through the box of photos tonight. I thought it was mostly framed photos. It was not. I think there were less than a dozen frames; but the total items in the box ran to about 80 (I could go look, since--yes, here's a shock--I'm cataloging everything, but I'm inherently too lazy and whupped to open the file again).

I dusted the living room for the first time in awhile which explains some of my itchy eyes. The downstairs is very clean: vacuumed and dusted (half-assed, but better than nothing, yes?). I need to really attack the bedrooms soon.

Called and rescheduled a couple of cancelled doctor's appointments today. Also tried to connect with the school about Sparky's screwed up schedule, and talked to a couple of banks about safe deposit boxes. I now have reached Deep Antipathy with the bank that currently holds ALL our money as well as our mortgage. Time to change banks? I think.... Their customer service the last few times I've interacted with them has been frankly neither.

The plan for the next couple of weeks is for Beast to drive home tomorrow afternoon, leaving Sparky at Grandpa's. BIL will arrive on Wednesday at Grandpa's. I will drive out to Ohio Saturday to pick up Sparky and return home on Monday. My nephew Jesse is supposed to be here sometime next week (hence the bedroom-cleaning festivities--there is currently furniture stacked on both beds in the spare room), we will all go to a minor league baseball game on Friday where we will hand Jesse off to Katherine and Alan with whom he'll stay till the Tuesday after Labor Day. That Tuesday is Sparky's first day of school. Somewhere in there, we need to shop for school clothes and get his room completely sorted out, cleaned, tidied, and organized.

On or about September 5, I plan to drink myself into a deep, daylong sleep. Or collapse. I would welcome company for the former, if only to steer me to safe places.

Anyway. Good night. Or as my family used to say when I was a kid, "Good night!!"

Urban Word:
Bachelor breakfast: Eating breakfast (or any other meal really) while standing at your kitchen counter instead of sitting at your kitchen table.
I am proud to say that in the three days I've been home alone, I have yet to have eaten a bachelor breakfast (or lunch, or dinner). However, to be fair, I did eat breakfast in the car two of the three days.

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