Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Watch what you type!

So I unintentionally send a slightly risque text message to Beast the other day in which I meant to ask if someone had contacted him. Except what I actually sent was "Any balls from home health?"

Today, I'm adding contents notes to a book on college football here at work. In a rare move, I glanced back at my typing before I saved it. There's a new college in South Bend, IN: Notre Damne.

OMG--Touchdown Jesus is pissed at me now!! Heyulp.

Urban Word:
Word vomit: A point in a conversation where you say something that you really didn't mean to.

I think these samples qualify as word vomit, unless we need a term specifically for typed errors.

Also: Nick Cave doing "Red Right Hand" = AWESOME cool!

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