Sunday, August 24, 2008

Tho'ts from OH

Mood: ok
Hair:'s still there
Eyes: dry and itchy
Listening to: the blower in my hotel room

Yes, I'm back in OH. Yesterday was a big milestone in my life: I drove all the Huge City interstates in daylight. Usually Beast does that stretch. I have done it, but it was at 3:30 a.m. or something like that. I made it yesterday. Obviously. I have to do it again tomorrow to get Sparky and me home, but it was a powerful moment when I reached The Crossroads of America.

Today I'm going to revisit a scene from my past. Beast and BIL have done a bang-up job on separating and sorting and packing to prep for FIL's move, etc. No one has really touched MIL's closet. That's my job today: sort, organize, and get rid of anything that can't reasonably be sold and that no one in the family wants to keep. I did this when my sister died.

I'm finding out a great deal about how mindset affects one's reaction to the death of someone close to me. I was not ready, not accepting, about the situation in 1994. This time, while just as emotionally difficult, I don't seem to be fighting so hard against reality, and I'm finding little jewel-like moments of peace and love.

Also: Baymont Inns are perfectly nice hotels, even if they did lose my reservation. My room is right next to the elevator...which is randomly in the BACK of the building in the middle of the wing with rooms. The stairs are towards the other end of the wing with rooms. And, while I didn't see a circus truck in the lot, I was assigned the room under the elephants. These elephants are early risers. So much for sleeping.

Also also: Advil doesn't on muscle spasms. I need to buy a bottle of Tylenol. My right shoulder is so tight I have to move my entire upper body as a unit to turn sideways.

Also also also: For some reason, FIL thinks we are the repository of all things vaguely electronic. I have a box in the car that contains what appears to be a setup for a Museuam of Computer Speakers.

Time to shower and hit the road.

Urban Words:
Traffic Tourette's: The uncontrollable urge to scream obscenities at other drivers who infringe on your space (whether real or imagined).

driving finger: Your middle finger. Usually refers to the one on the left hand so it can be displayed out the driver's side window to comment on another driver's behavior.

In spite of being on the road for seven hours yesterday, I didn't have any instances of wanting to use my driving finger, and the traffic Tourette's was pretty under control as well.

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