Monday, July 21, 2008

Update (Rated PG for ugliness)

The joy of being the injured one in this case is that it's not that bad: looks much worse than it is. Besides which, one of our library pages was in a bike accident on Friday that broke both arms, required surgery, and has left him in the hospital for at least a couple more days.

So, THIS? This is nothing: So this is the view Saturday night (same basic photo as the original post.

This is the view yesterday morning. Varicose Veins Gone Wild! (not)

Today. With some help from Sparky (who is helping me sort through the crap on the floor behind my leg, by the way). See? Pretty colors!

What's amusing is that the outside of my leg also has a good-sized bruise from where it caught the floor on the way down, and I whacked the TOP of that same thigh on the underside of a table yesterday. Brilliant!

Thanks you guys who've commented.

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