Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thursday stuff

Mood: Crank-a-danky
Hair: In the same braid I put it in this morning.
Eyes: Tired
Listening to: Jon Stewart (The Daily Show)

I work with a couple of really freakin' annoying people. 'nuf said. Thank God I have tomorrow off. I get the sense that this is National Cranky Cataloger Week, however, since others I've spoken with seem just as cheesed off as I am.

Aside from that, and in a spirit of Truth in Advertising: we had to replace our Roomba. Luckily, we bought the extended warranty at the Big Blue Store so it was only a matter of showing up with the one that stopped worked and bringing home the boxed-up new one. My advice to all who are considering getting one: get the warranty for $30 (or whatever).

I think Sparky needs a little help. His phone screen suddenly went psychedelic yesterday. Of course, both his parents immediately said, "Did you drop it/fall on it/hit it on something?" No, no, no, no, it was just sitting on the deck at J.'s house and the screen just went weird. Yeah. So, since Beast and I don't believe that for a second, if anyone can provide a better, or at least a more creative, reason for this occurrence let me know and I'll pass it along to him.

Sparky's friends--the ones who were supposed to be here on Monday except they forgot and made other plans--are supposedly coming tomorrow. We'll see if that works. So far this month, the two get-togethers Sparky has planned have gotten balled up. The night he went to spent at Z's house, there was no one home when we arrived. When Sparky called Z's cell and he and his dad returned home, it turned out they thought Sparky was coming the next night.

So, yeah. My son the social hangnail. But he's adorable and rather amusing.

Urban Word:
self helpless: The condition of somebody that is unable to deal with life, usually found sitting around a neglected apartment with bad hair and bad outfit.

My new goal with Sparky is to make sure he doesn't grow up to be completely self helpless, which is why we're tackling basic sewing this summer: buttons, pocket seams, etc.

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