Thursday, July 03, 2008

FYI and stuff and more than

Mood: mmm...okay, I guess
Hair: clean, styled...takin' names
Eyes: meh
Listening to: The Blowers (it's freakin' COLD in here and I forgot my new shawl. Again.
So, this is directed at the librarians who may be reading. I just left a semi-snarky anonymous comment on the latest very snarky post by The Annoyed Librarian (that phrase, in pink, is of course as redundant as can be), which is about the ALA conference. Apparently, she was at a different venue from the one I attended. Entirely. 100%. Note that I'm not linking. She's not particularly hard to find, but I've discovered that Pure Snark gets to be Purely Tiresome quickly. On the other hand, my comment is not obviously snarky, so at least I haven't descended to her level. Hah. (oh, the irony) And see my previous post re pomposity.

Oh, well. Just sayin'. If you haven't got anything nice to say, shaddup. So I am. Goodbye.

Urban Word:
Shituation: n.: a bad situation, 2.: a dramatic, usually negative happening resulting in utter shit in one's life.

Houston, we have yet another shituation in the family. But since I don't want to talk about it--yet--I'm taking out my frustration on other annoyances in my life.

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