Friday, May 30, 2008

Stuff I've been reading

Mood: tahred, but pleasantly so (after a near psychotic break this afternoon--I l-o-a-t-h-e my family-of-origin right now!)
Hair: barrette up in back at this point, but it's been looking particularly good this week
Eyes: tahred
Listening to: NASCAR truck race (no shit: there is a driver named Scott Speed!)
OK, the Vatican is weird. I really have to say that I've never really understood the concept of Decrees on High, but damn. This one is the weirdest I remember in a long while. Who knew there was an official Vatican astronomer? [I've now deleted the beginning of what was about to become a lengthy rant on how better to spend the Vatican City State Budget.]

Since I'm already on a God in Space kick, Beliefnet's blog has compiled a list of the most spiritual sf characters. Personally, I'd move Morpheus up higher, but that's only because I haven't seen many of the others. I remember watching the third Matrix movie on TV a couple of years ago for the first time and having a blinding flash of what the story/ies was/were ABOUT. [Hint: not slowed-down kung-fu.]

Speaker of sf (which of course is now called Speculative Fiction so that we can include Fantasy with it...huh), some enterprising Harry Potter reader (or just someone with a great deal of extra time recently) has discovered a way to build a magic wand that will allow you to ride on the London Underground in spectacularly wizard-like fashion.

OK, since I've now gone completely into Gonzo Land, we women have no idea how complex the men's room is. When I forwarded this to Beast, his reply was a serious discussion urinal etiquette. I was stunned to find out that this is NOT a joke.

Lest we think that civilization is crashing around us, keep in mind that no matter how odious we "grown-ups" find text-talk ("lol", "u" instead of "you", etc.), the Romans started it.

While we're sharing blame, if you've got neighbors from hell, here's a place to complain about them in public. [You can also rave about any good ones.] In all seriousness, registered sex offenders are already posted, and so are foreclosures. But the joy is in the commentary: from the rather unfortunate-in-its-irony named Pleasant Grove, NJ: "Jerk Off." I like this one from Alvin, TX, too: "12 year old MENANCE running wild." It's possible that there are extra points given for poor spelling.

OK, back to the house: here's a bookshelf that doubles as a message center. The trick is training people to check there for messages.

OK, and now I'm going to bed. Happy sleeps, y'all!

Urban Word:
attachment disorder : When a person forgets to attach a document to an e-mail after explicitly stating that it is present.

Yesterday was the ultimate stupid technology day; I developed everything from premature window closure syndrome to attachment disorder.

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