Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Good stuff

I actually cooked dinner tonight. That's pretty shocking. 'Course, we ate in front of the TV, so my Good Mom Balance Sheet comes up short as a result of that, but homemade pork chops. Right.

We're all home tonight. That's rare. Sparky's in the office, I'm watching Deadliest Catch, and Beast is cutting wood in the basement and working on the plate rail in the kitchen. We're not exactly together, but we're all in the house.

There was cataloging achieved today. In the spirit of keeping to the positive, I will only briefly touch on the irony of Schedule Nazi leaving me a stack of kids' books with a note saying, "Please do these soon so they are ready for Summer Reading Program." My response? Fatfuckin'chance. They are on the cart with the rest of the Skinny Kids' Books. I will get to those when I get the Bottom Shelf emptied off, and the Order Record Conundrum resolved. That is, not soon.

I'm rereading the Laura books. It's time. It's probably at least the 10th time through them all in my life. Every time I read them, I find something else I didn't notice previous times.

This is our only night at home this week. Last night we were gone till after 7:30. Tomorrow night the boys have haircuts at 5 and then there's a meeting at the high school at 7.

Thursday is another nursing care facility interview at 4 followed by a band concert at 7. Oh, and I'm scheduled to work till 9 as usual. I think I'm not going to the band concert.

Friday is my day off. I have a haircut, Sparky is staying at school till 5:30, and we need to pack for our trip. I'm sure we need to deal with laundry too.

Urban Word:
foul-weather friend: The opposite of a fair-weather friend, a foul-weather friend only seeks you out if they have a problem, need a shoulder to cry on, a ride to town or someone to watch their dog, but otherwise they act as if they don't even know you. They're only your chum when they're glum.

There are a couple of people around whom I feel like I've been acting like a foul-weather friend lately. I probably need to stop that.

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