Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A New Week

Mood: much better, thanks!
Hair: clean, needs color
Eyes: much improved; the doctor even says so
Listening to: the hum of the laptop, the chittering of the guinea pigs, and Sparky chewing

A much better week is in front of me (I hope). The weekend was fun, relaxing, separate from my life, and that was perfect.

Saturday, Sparky went to an anime thing with some friends. It was just far enough away for us not want to drive them there, come home and then go back (gas now having officially hit $4/gallon in our area). This was a serious meet-up, though: people in costume were ALL OVER THE PLACE near the hall. Freaks. ;-)

While they were at the meeting, Beast and I went for a walk through a nearby "park", met some very friendly deer (yes, there are pictures, no, they aren't uploaded), talked to AT&T about a family phone plan, had a great lunch outside with the accompaniment of blues music and "throttle-up" landing planes a couple of hundred feet above us, went to see "Speed Racer," and had a drink in a hotel bar. Lovely. The movie was surprisingly good, even for me who has seen the cartoon precisely once.

Sunday was ok. Church--which I wasn't excited about--then a youth meeting, which was pretty funny.

Yesterday I went to the eye dr. for a recheck (all clear, but keep using the drops during allergy season), wandered the mall (got Sparky some new earrings and bought some T-shirts for myself), grocery shopped, had lunch with Beast at the "no iceberg in my salad" place, came home, crashed in bed for an hour, and then met Beast at a nearby retirement/nursing/care home to interview them about FIL moving in a few months. Oh, and then we both went and gave blood. Usually it's no big deal but I had a newbie and I just about came off the table when she put the needle in. Nice little bruise today.

Today it's back to work. Maybe I'll get some cataloging done. ha ha ha

My usual laptop is dying again. Same problem: bad plug. I have developed hives, which is normal for when I get particularly stressed this time of year, but still really annoying. At least it is contained in one 4x6" area so far.

We are going to visit FIL and MIL this weekend, but between now and then, I have another care facility to visit with Beast, a meeting about Sparky's new school for all of us, three days of work, haircuts for all of us, and packing to do at some point. Yeah.

Urban Word:
spendy: expensive

Wow! Groceries have gotten really spendy all of a sudden!

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