Monday, April 21, 2008

Still around?

Yup. Busy. Yup. Synopsis:

Stayed home from work. Took drugs for my neck. Slept. I believe Beast was home for part of the day. Don't remember.

Our annual spring mission trip to the Big City to the West. Beast rewired a basement room with three or four others. I grouted about 3/4 of a bathroom and laid tile in a short, 8-food hallway. We actually only cemented half the hall. I worked with five or six others who were putting in a closet and drywalling a porch and (different) closet. All of us were in a halfway house where Beast has worked before (men just out of prison) in a neighborhood "in transition." Not sure which way the transition is going. There is a crack distribution house at the end of the block one way, hookers a couple of houses away, and families in three houses across the street. Links to previous mission trips.

By the time we left--10 hours after arriving--my knees and back were shot, and Beast's nose was cut by flying metal. He nearly injured his eye. And they have interesting toys in the office where he was working; interesting in a "Christian" office but necessary for their counseling of sex workers. Sparky has no idea what we were giggling at, and I told Beast he can explain.

My neck/shoulder obviously had improved, but I basically replaced that agony with the pain left from kneeling on ceramic tile for 8 hours. I will not be converting to Catholicism or any other religion requiring kneeling.

I went in to work at 11 to try to get a little caught up on last week's pile o' shit. It was my Sunday to work anyway, so that covered 1-4 on a beautiful day where we who were forced to be inside kept saying, "Why are all these people HERE??"

I came home, helped (a little) with kitchen cleanup. Beast has finished painting, so we can move all the stuff on the island back to where it belongs. I made the last DbD meal, and then spent the evening looking for typos in our library catalog and checking for Dewey Errors. I know what this means. If you don't, trust me when I say it's a clear sign that I'm beyond anal.

Another eye appointment; I passed. Grocery shopping. Then a stop at DbD to make 9 meals. It took me bloody forever (although I guess the new employee said to the supervisor, "She moves FAST!"), and by the time I got in the car with everything I wasn't sure I'd be able to get out of the car when I got home! My feet are killing me, still from crawling around hard floors on Saturday.

Once Sparky gets home, he and I will head to the shoe store to buy him some sandals...ones that aren't plastic this year! We'll probably also pick up some shorts for him. And I'll look at curtains for the kitchen and dining room windows. Maybe an office chair for me: the hydraulics on mine blew out last week. Thanks a bunch, Sparky. ahem

Tonight, I'm really hoping I can get the kitchen floor wet-mopped--there's still an awful lot of drywall dust on the floor--and talk to Amy about this class we're teaching in two days!

Howsomever, right now, while Sparky is still at school for another hour, I'm going to go lie down and try to loosen up my back a bit.

Urban Word:
acoustic shave: the act of shaving with razor; not an electric shave

The thought of anything but an acoustic shave on my pits is painful in the extreme! How does Norelco make ANY money?

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