Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Mood: A weird combo of energized tiredness...
Hair: Clean and looking good
Eyes: Flaky, but NOT sore!
Listening to: Silence

Yes, I'm still alive. It has been a week so far. In no particular order, just because I like lists:
  • I had a mammogram; upkeep on the bod, nothing symptomatic.

  • Even though I work about 3/4-time, this week I've worked 20 hours, none of them on Sunday (which is what usually pushes me nearly to 40 in a week). I worked 3 at home on Monday and ...

  • ...did a Blogging class last night.

  • Brett Favre is retiring. I'm sad.

  • My hair has been cut/colored, even though I spaced the appointment. She backfilled and got me in an hour later. I'm an idiot.

  • All the continuations are caught up at work, as are most of the damn-skinny-kids-series and the damn-Guadalajara-Book-Fair-books.

  • One of our regular patrons, age 45, had a major stroke yesterday.

  • Sparky's glasses are ready. Mine won't be done till next week sometime.

  • Today I registered for the ALA conference in Anaheim in June. Anyone else going? Need a roomie? I don't snore or have any other particularly grody habits. I normally don't go to these, but they are doing a TON of stuff on metadata, and I have nofuckingclue, so.... Plus, it's right by Disneyland, so if things are horrible, I can always go Mouse around. [If you know me, you know things would have to be D-I-R-E for me to Mouse.]

  • Sparky got behind the wheel of the car on Sunday in our church parking lot, for about 20 minutes. hee...

  • I'm also registered for a workshop in May on metadata in our state capital (capitol? I never figured out a mnemonic for this one). At least I'll have a vague handle on what it is before I head to CA!

  • My eyes don't hurt!

  • a letter...from Dean, my brother-in-law. Now I feel like shit for being nasty (in my head) about him. No, I'm not backing down, but...I still feel like shit. Welcome to codependence.

  • My coworker's dad, who was diagnosed last month with kidney (?) cancer is failing fast. Her stepson's wife had her 6th baby last week--their oldest is 7--at home with a midwife's supervision, a month early. The next day, he stopped breathing and was rushed to the local hospital and then airlifted to Big City to the West. He's back home after a few days in an oxygen tent, but who knows how much damage was done? The parents of the baby: "it all turned out fine." Uh, you don't know that yet, eh?

  • Beast found plate rails at Menards for our kitchen project. Now, if only I liked the spindles better....

  • Sparky's progress report (i.e., grades) arrived in the mail yesterday. Yoicks--and I do not mean that in a good way! Since the three of us haven't been home together for more than 45 minutes yet this week, Beast and I have had to postpone the Big Talk About Grades till Friday night.

  • I went to Bible Study for the first time in 2008 this morning.

  • We haven't watched this week's Sarah Conner Chronicles yet. So, don't tell me what happened, k?

  • On my way home tonight, snow was falling. Something different.

  • Beast's job has been about 100% more stressful this week than it usually is, and that's like saying a blast furnace is a little warmer than normal. I don't like his company. I don't like large companies in general, based on his career with the two large companies who have deigned to employ him.

  • I'm wearing a short-sleeved cotton sweater. I'm clearly, unequivocally, nuts: it's 29 degrees outside.

  • My desk here at home is still clean. Armageddon approaches.
I'm taking a bath now. Good night.

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