Thursday, March 06, 2008

Early morning chat

[06:41] psalm23: good morning!!!
[06:41] Beast: Hey there. How's u?
[06:41] psalm23: OK, I guess
[06:41] psalm23: [Sparky] just came down and his greeting was "Dang it! It snowed again!"
[06:42] Beast: It's just a dusting.
[06:42] psalm23: yeah
. . .
[06:44] Beast: BTW - it's capitol.
[06:45] psalm23: How do you remember that?? I really can't keep 'em straight. I know capitol is the building and capital is money, but the city....?
[06:46] Beast: The building is in the city. They are both with the "o"
[06:46] psalm23: ok
[06:46] psalm23: maybe I can remember that
[06:48] Beast: u know what - I am wrong. I just wikied it, and it's with an "a" when refering to gov't
[06:48] psalm23: What's the plan for tonight with [Sparky], by the way...?
[06:48] psalm23: [He] says he's riding the bus home
[06:49] Beast: It's not the way I remember it, but Wikipedia can't be wrong!
[06:49] psalm23: WIKIPEDIA *can* BE WRONG!
[06:49] psalm23: If Iweren't doing 20 other things, I'd check, but I'll let you
[06:49] Beast: Yes - I'll see him at home, whip up some dinner, and get him over to school by 6-whatever he needs to be there.
[06:49] psalm23: So, wait: the building is 'o' and everything else is 'a'??
[06:50] Beast: Yes - according to the two articles in there - checked both spellings.
[06:50] psalm23: And then I'll pick him up after the concert
[06:51] psalm23: English is SO freakin' confusing
[06:52] psalm23: Yes, that's ok
[06:53] Beast: The capitol building in [CO] is located in the state capital of [Denver].
[06:53] psalm23: yeeeeesh
[06:53] Beast: Take a look at this site when you get a chance -
[06:53] Beast: It might help.
[06:53] Beast: Or not.
[06:54] psalm23: state capitOls, not state capitAls? OK, I'll read up.
[06:55] Beast: There are links to the capital cities, and pictures and histories of the capitol buildings in the capital cities.
[06:55] psalm23: aaaaaarghhhhhh
[06:55] Beast: erk
[06:55] psalm23: I'm TOTALLY posting this conversation
[06:56] Beast: We both learned something today. Already. It's been a good day. Let's go back to bed.
[06:56] psalm23: hee
[06:56] psalm23: I'm good with that
Too bad he's at work.

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