Monday, March 03, 2008

March has arrived

Mood: Tired but surprisingly energized
Hair: Messy braid, at this point in the day
Eyes: Woo-hoo (see below)
Listening to: House sounds

In honor of the end of the longest-mother-effing-month of the year, regardless of what the calendar says, this week will be spent doing things I should have been doing for lo these last few days/weeks/months....
  • I called our health insurance company to find out why the place Sparky and I went yesterday to get our glasses said we weren't covered. We are. They fucked up at Pearle. That inspires confidence, no?

  • I did about half a Demand order...from home...over the course of 90 minutes.

  • I called and preregistered for last year's mammogram., oops.... :-( I'll go in Wednesday evening for that.

  • I got my first allergy shots in over a year. Whee.

  • My eyes are 'all better' and the doctor agrees. But oh, I had to call from their office to our PCP to get another referral since the one I got only allowed one visit. Ergh. By the way, I had keratitis. It could recur.

  • The excursion to the optician this evening was even more convoluted. Turns out Pearle didn't fuck up; our insurance is just stoopud. I wonder if it was designed by the same team that designed the library database which I don't use? It took over an hour to pick out new frames for Sparky and order new lenses for them, and new lenses for me. 45 minutes of that was spent dorking around with insurance. Thank GOD for Jacquie's persistence.
So yeah, I spent about 9 hours today dealing with, traveling to and from, and otherwise thinking about health-related stuff. This could be a sign of age.

I'm finishing the book order after I publish this post. Then I'm going to bed.

I feel the best I've felt in eons. Hmmmm.....

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